We're back on the 23rd of July at another unique outdoor location in our beloved Sphinxkwartier called 'Het Front'.
From 14:00 - 23:00 we will provide you with the usual Terra vibes for the perfect summer day.
Can you imagine dancing and romancing with a view over the dry canal and the old settlement works of our beautiful Maasi?
- 42nd Avenue
- Guy Houben b2b WINGS (3hr set)
- Makombo b2b Band of Misfits (3hr set)
Tickets are €15 (ex. service costs)and can be purchased through the following link: https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/.../terra-nova-at-het-front
- This event is 18+, ID’s are being checked at the door
- Het Front is located inbetween the Q-Park Frontenpark and the Radium area